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Carolina Burglar & Fire Alarm Co. offers far more than just basic security and fire protection. Take a look at some of our Add-On Products. You can add products at any time! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just give us a call.


Remote Access Control

Arm and Disarm your system from anywhere by using your smart device.


Automated Door Locks & Remote Garage Access

The days are gone from having to drive back home to make sure you locked the door or shut the garage. And you’ll never again have to scour the yard looking for a place to hide an emergency key. Now you can monitor and control access to your home’s entry points from anywhere, giving you real-time visibility and control, and peace of mind.


Garage Door Access Control

If you drive away and realize you didn’t shut the garage, or aren’t sure if you did…just pull out your phone and check; one tap of a button and your worries are gone and time is saved. Need to let someone in the garage? Same deal, just open your app and make it happen. Not so welcome guest? When your Garage Door Sensor is triggered, you’ll be alerted immediately, as will the monitoring system. *You can also have us set up GEO Location Services, so you get an alert if you leave without shutting the garage. (See Home Automation Tab)


Door Locks

Enjoy the ease and convenience of keyless and remote entry; remotely lock or unlock your doors from anywhere. We also have locks with keypad entry. Not sure if you locked up on your way out? Want to let a friend or house cleaner in? Easy peazy, just open the app. Completely forgot to lock up? You can set up an alert to let notify you when you leave. Take it one step further: Give your special visitors temporary access codes, and get alerts whenever they lock or unlock the door. Take it two steps further: Set rules that only allow certain visitors to enter at certain times…add, change, and remove codes at any time. You can even create user-specific rules: maybe you want to provide certain visitors access to your home, but don’t want to give them a code to the security system…not a problem. All locks are available in Nickel, Brass, and Bronze finishes.

Gates and Access

Our security gates and controls can keep out intruders at all times of the day. Control who accesses your property with controls such as telephone intercoms, keypads, key fobs, and coded cards.

Driveway and Door Chimes

Always know as soon as a vehicle enters your driveway by adding a driveway chime (you can activate or deactivate the chime at any time.) What if you’re on the other side of your home during the day and want to hear when doors are opened? Add a door chime to any of your doors.

Flood and Freeze Protection

Intruders aren’t the only threat to your property. Water damage can be devastating and very expensive. Help avoid costly repairs by adding a Flood/Water Sensors and Freeze Sensors to your home security. When the sensor is activated, you’ll get an instant alert so you can take measures to prevent as much damage as possible

Ideal for rental properties, second homes, basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or any other place susceptible to water damage or flooding

HVAC Protection & Crawl Space Protection

Some burglars don’t want what’s inside your home; they want what’s outside your home. We secure outdoor HVAC units and Crawl Space doors from intruders for countless customers who take this extra security measure to protect their home from costly expenses.

HVAC Protection

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