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We Can Upgrade Most Outdated Camera Systems for 50% Less Than A New System

We can Upgrade most Outdated Camera Systems for 50% less than a New System. The Quality and Affordability of Security Cameras has drastically advanced over the last 3 years. Since then, and now more than ever, our New and Existing customers are taking advantage of the many Benefits our High Definition and IP-based Camera Systems provide:

  • Convenience and Control of having 24/7 Eyes on Your Home or Business
  • Employee Accountability
  • Crime Deterrence
  • Risk and Liability Mitigation
  • 24/7 Continuous Recording you can View from Anywhere
  • Peace of Mind

We offer a range of camera systems with high definition quality for your home and business. From fairly basic set-ups to systems designed to meet more specific goals like a license plate or facial recognition, we have you covered. Easily view your camera system in real-time from anywhere.

IP Camera Systems

IP or MegaPixel camera systems are one of the fastest-growing areas of security surveillance. This technology allows you to capture large areas while still maintaining high detail. For example, ONE IP camera could capture the area and detail you want, whereas the alternative could take 5 cameras to capture the same thing. Depending on the job site, an IP Camera System could be the best fit and most cost-effective solution. Call us today for a free consultation.

User-Friendly Software

What good is a camera system if you can’t easily view your system live and playback your recordings? We offer several software options that make finding what you want easy so you can take appropriate action.

Depending on the software selected, some features may include

  • Search by motion detected on a specific camera, or even a specific spot in the camera’s view, like a jewelry case, vehicle, or doorway.  
  • View live footage simultaneously while viewing Playback footage
  • Multi-site management
  • Event and Preview Search
  • Date and Time Search
  • Capture Still Images
  • Zoom Controls
  • Activity and Motion Alerts
  • Control display resolution for optimal bandwidth
  • File export options

Designed to fit your needs.

SkyBell & Smart Locks

The SkyBell HD video doorbell gives you the ability to monitor and see who is at front door remotely, making homes and neighborhoods safer by shaping what home security looks like in a “smart” world. Smart Locks can also be integrated into the system or used separately, giving you the option of going keyless or unlocking the door remotely for someone like the babysitter, friend, the children, etc. Additional security features are built in making protection simple and convenient.

Recording Options to Fit Your Needs

Depending on the type of camera system that’s best for you, we offer a variety of recording solutions. Whether it be a DVR, NVR, Cloud-based, or Network Video Server, we offer the storage options to fit your application, including user-friendly software options, so you can get the most out of your camera system, and keep an eye on what matters most, no matter where you are.

Security Camera Options


Your Home On Demand

Watch the activity at your home, where you want, when you want with our collection of cameras. No time to watch? Stream live video on your Smartphone, tablet or laptop, PC, as well as save recorded clips to view later. When the system detects movement, it can record a clip and send you a notification to watch. Below are a few of our camera selections.


Wireless Indoor Camera

With a viewing range up to 20 feet and infrared technology, you can see exactly what’s happening, even in the dark. Leave your home during the day knowing you can keep an eye on it from anywhere. Watch footage from your home on demand, and recorded clips whenever you want. Motion at your house will trigger a recording, and alert you via text or email.


Wireless Outdoor Camera

Cameras are proven help deter unwanted guests from breaking into your home. Always know who, what, and when someone approaches your property, even at night.

Watch footage from your home on demand, and recorded clips whenever you want. Motion at your house will trigger a recording, and alert you via text or email.


Wireless Pan-tilt Camera

With the Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera, you’ll feel extra safe knowing you’ll be able to monitor large areas of your home and pan to see everything in the room. You can even zoom in on exactly what you want to see — all from the Mobile App. It’s almost as good as being there! See an even larger area of your home and leave bad guys nowhere to hide. Stay connected with your home, family and pets with the Wireless Pan and Tilt Camera. You can easily keep an eye on anyone in your home, including nannies, repairmen or other service providers. You can stream live video of your home and know right when something happens, through instant alerts. You can also get motion alerts sent right to your mobile device when action at your house triggers them.


Thank you for the quick service for our alarm problem.  Your technician Scott was extremely knowledgeable, informative, and kind. He does an excellent job of representing your company.  We are glad that we chose Carolina Burglar and Fire Alarm Co.


Sallie and Kent Wigington
We wanted to stop by and say what a great job your technicians did. They were very helpful and did a professional job. Your company should be proud to have such kind and professional employees working for you. Thank you.
Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
The process could not have been easier for our business. Install was quick and we were up and running within a few hours. Sales and installation staff were great!
Champion Coach
It’s so nice to be able to talk to actual people! I am so pleased with how prompt Carolina Burglar is, and how well they take care of us... even if we have a problem over the weekend. We really appreciate their customer service and technicians.
H I S Enterprises
Good afternoon. I hope you are doing well. Installation of my home security system is finished. Installers Billy and Jim were great, professional and courteous. Great work. Thank you.
Juan C.
You just can’t find this kind of Customer Service anymore! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Carolina Burglar & Fire Alarm.
Frankie E.
We really appreciate your office staff for all you do for us, and how quick you are to help keep our businesses safe and running in every way possible. We just wanted to call and let you know how much we appreciated Tony and Scott helping us out, even after-hours on a Friday.
C. Gates
All around awesome company by far!
Bobbie V.

We have had Carolina for many years. We have NEVER had ANY problems!! Their equipment is so good they had to come to us to say it’s time for new!!! Great people great service!!! I recommend them to all my friends.

T. Standridge

AMEN I have never had to talk to a recording. BEST OF SERVICE

LaDon Hix

I have been a customer of Carolina for over 30 years! Never had a problem or complaint. The service guys are the best! Scott and Walt are the only two I know! They were always professional and friendly! They always prompt when you have a problem!

Pat Stevens Hoover

Great company to work with! As a business owner who uses their security systems at multiple locations, I can say that their installs are professional, clean and well done. In addition, service after the sale is impeccable. They go above and beyond to ensure the customer has a great experience and help with any issues or questions which may arise. Highly recommended.

Heather Frechette
Co- Owner of: The 05, On The Roxx, and Encore Gastrolounge

Thank you for saving us a lot of money at Crepe du Jour. We all greatly appreciate you guys!

Anthony Wayne
Co- Owner of Crepe Du Jour

Best in the business, very professional and you can count on them. Highly recommended!

Kevin Kennedy

I had a break-in scare when I was home alone and my fiancé was out of town. I was terrified to be at home alone without a security system. Carolina Burglar & Fire Alarm took my phone call and installed my system as fast as they could. I feel safe in my own home now.

Anna L.

The guys who installed our burglar alarm system went out of their way to make us happy.
I needed to leave after they got started, and I felt completely comfortable leaving them there to finish the installation.

Eli Roland

The technicians who installed my burglar alarm system were very professional, polite, and helpful when showing me how to work the system.
Also, when you call their office, you actually get to talk to a real person. When I called for a service call, they sent a service technician out that day

N. Shirley

Christina, I really like the upgrade to our security system so that we could get rid of our landline! Please forward me contract and I would like to stop by your office for another yard sign.

K. Stevenson

Professional Security Service company for home and business protection.


These guys are great to work with!! Our dog boarding, daycare and training facility has several more layers of added protection and for that I am thankful!!

Donna Wrabiutza

FYI – The techs did a great job!

Jason I.

Hello, I am especially thankful for my security system. Several weeks ago I had an attempted break in. The burglar alarm actioned the moment the entry was made. I grabbed my pistol and ran down the hall. The burglar was long gone. Your response was immediate and I advised your monitoring station that I had everything under control. Thank you sincerely.

Wilma R.

Julian Stoudemire called and bragged on the guys that installed his camera system. Said they did a wonderful job and he loves the camera system. Said that it made him feel safe.

Julian S.

I’m calling to let you all know how happy I am with the upgrade we added to our current security system. James was the technician who upgraded my burglar alarm; he was so kind and professional. I just had to call and tell you what a great job he did.

Joann H

I am just calling to praise y’all on a job well done. The technician who installed my security system went above and beyond.

Dr. and Mrs. White

I just wanted to call and say what a great job Walt and Scott did for me. They were prompt and provided excellent service!! Job well done guys.

Ellen S.

I am just calling to let you know how pleased I was with my security system installation. Brandon and Billy were very professional and cordial. I am very happy with your security system and services.

L. Dodson

We just wanted to call and let you know Scott did such a great job!!

Sonny’s Food Store

I just wanted to call and let you know your technicians, Billy and Brandon, did such a good job on our installation. They were very professional and helpful.

D. Stroup

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